The color Keih (red) is where we can begin to understand what it means to be Eritrean. A light complected Eritrean girl is described as keih. My parent’s family photos from Eritrea are tinted red, the landscapes in these photos are paved with red dirt roads. Here in Oakland many eateries and spaces that are run by Eritrean immigrants are named after the Red Sea. All affirming the cultural weight of the word and color red. Keih in my work serves as one of the many thresholds between here and there.  


By visually representing the shift in Eritrean Architecture in the past 500 years and having an intimate relationship with the clay I used to screenprint imagery, I can symbolically but also more successfully "ground" or "locate" what constitutes being an Eritrean. 


Hand made scroll made with red clay found in the Oakland hills, 2014