Neb(sea); Body



1. Eritrean Youth of a Particular Age

2. Assessing the identity politics of a woman and a country the year they turn twenty one.

3. The Displacement of a Central Community

4. A community torn by fleeing youth drowning in nationalism, a daughter of the diaspora trying to map

   the truth and stubborn old men that sit around sipping boon at Starbucks.

5. "Shushan, You are an American." -Mami



Young Refugee, Probably early eighties, Keih Bahri, "They used to call me aasa ‘fish’.”-Dad

Angels of Addis, Late eighties, A lake near Buffalo, “Use your time on time.” - Uncle Haile

Shushan Tesfuzigta, August 2014, Lake Anza, Berkeley, CA, "Twenty looks good on you." -Shushan

“Eritrean Youth Exodus”, June 29, 2014, Mediterranean Sea, "Is the National Service in Eritrea truly a National Service?" -Amanuel Ghebreab